3/27/17 Liquorworks

Liquorworks is a progressive metal act from Finland.  They formed back in 2007 according to their facebook.  It appears that the band is currently unsigned.  I checked out their 2016 release Psycho Soundwaves.  This release is a bit of a surprise to me.  It definitely has a prog metal feel to it but at times the synth and keyboard kick in and it sounds like something out of the Pumpkinhead movie franchise.  It also touches on some melodic metal stuff you would catch out of the Swedish scene.  Numerous time, speed, and rhythm changes throughout the album.  At times it would just flip like a switch to a whole other world.  That comes off a bit schizophrenic for those that are not typically accustomed to those types of changes in music.  Oh, did I mention this album is entirely instrumental.  Very well written intrumentals.  I imagine this is what a baby between Animals as Leaders and Between the Buried and Me would sound like.  Overall the album has a dark feel to it and it really felt that the album was damn near storyboarded before it was recorded.  It felt like this album was definitely NOT thrown together.  Check out this album for something different.

Track listing:

  2. Then To Hell With You
  3. Hostile Inspector
  4. Lubrificante Intimi
  5. Pain Owns You
  6. Erotic Chaos
  7. Sounds Like a Plan
  8. Where’s my Railotron? (Funky Business)
  9. Stories From the Toxic Journey


3/24/17 Retro Friday

Let’s start things out with a bang.  This week I went with Slayer’s 1986 release, Reign in Blood.  For anyone that has seen Slayer live knows just how intense that show is.  The entire time I listened through this record I can’t help but be reminded of the time I saw them back on the Mayhem Festival in St. Louis some time ago.  This album is a fiery battle of thrash riffs followed by a hellish groove.  This album is by far a thrashers dream and is easily one of my favorite all time thrash records ever made.  Slayer is one of those bands who’s unrelenting, punishing music has kept them around for 30+ years and they will continue to be heavier and meaner than a large chunk of any newer band out there.  I recommend this album big time

Track listing:

  1. Angel of Death
  2. Piece by Piece
  3. Necrophobic
  4. Altar of Sacrifice
  5. Jesus Saves
  6. Criminally Insane
  7. Reborn
  8. Epidemic
  9. Postmortem
  10. Raining Blood
  11. Aggressive Perfector


Welcome To Metal for the Masses!

This is a heavy music blog for those just interested in reading about music around the spectrum of heavy music.  Tentatively, I have decided to post MWF every week as long as I can get some readers.  I’ll try to keep things managable so it’s not too long.  Monday I’ll have Unsigned Monday.  I’ll try to find some sort of unsigned band to pimp out.  Wednesday will be New Release Wednesday, as long as there is something out that week where I can listen to something and review it.  Friday will be Retro Friday.  That day I’ll take a look at some album from the metal or hard rock genre that is at least 20 years old.  Let’s see if I can get some followers