4/7/17 Retro Friday

It’s hard to believe that 20 years at this point marks 1997.  Shadows Fall debut came out 20 years ago this year.  Shadows Fall is a five piece outfit from the American northwest.  Their later work, I feel, helped define the metalcore genre and paved the way for future musicians to carry the torch.  Mainly an underground band until some of their later material made its way to the surface.  Prior to Brian Fair taking the helm on the microphone with his iconic dreads and image, Phil Labonte was at the forefront of the band.  Yes, All That Remains frontman was once the singer of Shadows Fall.  This early release shows the band in it’s rawest form and the direction they were heading.  It was the pavement that would eventually lead the band to its dynamic later material.  If you are into metalcore or any of the newer sound, this is a requirement for you to have.


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