4/5/17 New Release Wednesday

Demon Hunter – Outlive

Personal note:  I’ve never been one to shun away bands that happen to fall under the category of Christian.  Personally, I find myself falling somewhere between Agnosticism and Atheism.  I find most religions to be ludicrous with their mythology and stories of divine deities.  With that said, good music is good music regardless of what is held within the heart of the writer

This Demon Hunter album is one that I would have never expected to rise out of the American metalcore scene.  The elements of this record is something I would expect to hear from Soilwork and bands alike.  It’s an entertaining album with overall good material.  It’s refreshing to hear this surface from the US (3/5)

Invidia – As the Sun Sleeps

I’m honestly surprised that the Nu-Metal scene is still as active as it is.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love me some Nu-Metal but having listened to it for so many years and heard just about everything there is to be offered from the genre, it does get old.  It does have ok lyrical content and the music is pretty much what you’d expect.  It’s a safe choice for you hard rock and Nu-Metal enthusiasts (3/5).

Saturn – Beyond Spectra

There has been quite a movement within the scene to bring back the sound of the late great 70’s rock bands with overdrive guitar riffs and Black Sabbath style vocals.  Bands like Ghost shined a light on this and there has been a boom of bands gaining popularity.  Saturn is another stock entry into the library.  I do love Ghost and some other bands within the spectrum but this is just bland.  It has some Iron Maiden type vocals to it at times when hitting the at times unreachable notes on the scale.  Musically, there is nothing overwhelming or surprising.  All very reminiscent of Blue Oyster Cult or the like.  New flash:  Blue Oyster Cult already did it and they did it better (2/5)

The Royal – Seven

Metalcore continues to spawn countless albums every year.  Here’s another entry into that category.  Another band to emerge from over the pond.  This is the type of metalcore that I have fallen in love with over the years; aggressive with melodies built into guitar riffs.  Much like August Burns Red or Breakdown of Sanity.  I was impressed with the sound and content.  I still wish they brought something more to the table with the recreated sound.  Still, I recommend to anyone looking to add another entry into the metalcore library (4/5).


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