3/29/17 New Release Wednesday

Northlane – Mesmer (3/24/17)

The band Northlane hails from Sydney, Austrailia and has picked up quite a bit of speed since coming on the scene in 2011 with their first LP Discoveries.  I wouldn’t say the band has pioneered a sound but what they have going on is one that works for them.  The band utilizes the progressive technicality you would come to expect from this particular genre of music and the album all the way through is a ride of complicated riffs, beautiful melodies, and aggression.  Mind you, this album is nothing new to the genre or sound rather a progression towards another level of it.  Personally, I felt the blending of prog rock with the classic djent style made for an enjoyable play through and added a level of complexity to the album.  Lyrically, the content of the album is mature and speaks volumes of how far the band has come.  This album will definitely be attractive to those who are fans of the progressive rock/metal style.  (3.75/5)

Memoriam – For the Fallen (3/24/17)

I am completely unfamiliar with this band and their material.  The album immediately kicks off with a heavy, low tuned, sludgy riff that draws you in.  At first it is unclear whether this is coming in as a doom or death metal release.  After getting passed the first track “Memoriam” it becomes clear this is by far an old-school death metal release.  It is unrelenting and yet simple in it’s ingredients and execution.  The band members have been around for quite some time; members of Bolt Thrower, Life Denied, Benediction, and Sacrilege; the death metal roots are most definitely heard throughout this release.  This is reminiscent of Obituary, Immolation, or Sinister.  The grudging vocals and the raw sound they have is some early death metal in 2017.  It’s always a breath of fresh air when a sound like this continues to make its way throughout decades with an ever changing landscape of the metal scene.  Any old-school death metaller will love this album.  (3.5/5)

Pallbearer – Heartless (3/24/17)

Another band I am unfamiliar with.  I was sucked into this album from the first riff of the record.  The riffage and arrangement reminds me so much of a Black Sabbathesque type sound that it could have almost been released during the 70’s and 80’s during the boom of Black Sabbath.  Along the movement with bands such as Witchcraft who’s album Legend really struck me as a powerful and catchy album, this album falls into that spectrum.  Pallbearer rightfully has earned their right to be atop the metal spectrum with this release.  It’s low-tuned, groovy, and gorgeous sound will inevitably draw in any metal entrepreneur and damn near force them to love it.  The overdriven riffs are catchy and during the second track “Thorns” there is an interlude that is nearly perfect with an immensely beautiful clean channel riff.  The interchange of overdriven and clean channel riffs are strongly reminding of Agalloch and a dark yet beautiful style that any metal fan should love.  Any fan of Black Sabbath and the new-age likes will definitely dig this album. (4.5/5)

Cut Up – Wherever They May Rot (3/24/17)

Metal Blade Records strikes again with another bullet to the head album.  This Swedish death metal quartet brings the pain of ultimate thrash death to your ears.  I was blown away by this record.  It immediately starts out like a murderer busting through the door looking to slice your throat.  The aggression and pure emotion that flows through the instrumentals mimics grind and death acts that laid before them.  This album is fast and completely unrelenting.  I love this album for what it is and what they are trying to say and do.  There is something about a completely raw and unrelenting band that is not willing to sacrifice an element to make their music mainstream that will always speak to me.  If you are a fan of grind or death metal, please buy this album because you will not be disappointed (4/5)


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