3/24/17 Retro Friday

Let’s start things out with a bang.  This week I went with Slayer’s 1986 release, Reign in Blood.  For anyone that has seen Slayer live knows just how intense that show is.  The entire time I listened through this record I can’t help but be reminded of the time I saw them back on the Mayhem Festival in St. Louis some time ago.  This album is a fiery battle of thrash riffs followed by a hellish groove.  This album is by far a thrashers dream and is easily one of my favorite all time thrash records ever made.  Slayer is one of those bands who’s unrelenting, punishing music has kept them around for 30+ years and they will continue to be heavier and meaner than a large chunk of any newer band out there.  I recommend this album big time

Track listing:

  1. Angel of Death
  2. Piece by Piece
  3. Necrophobic
  4. Altar of Sacrifice
  5. Jesus Saves
  6. Criminally Insane
  7. Reborn
  8. Epidemic
  9. Postmortem
  10. Raining Blood
  11. Aggressive Perfector



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